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Being Brave with Sasha Lipskaia

Jun 29, 2022

Do you feel disconnected from joy?

A joy that does not depend on anyone else or anything you need to achieve or get?

This is your invitation to discover your capacity for peace, freedom, trust in your intuition, and confidence by allowing yourself to appreciate who you really are, beyond any life circumstance. Join me...

Jun 22, 2022

A reading of a poem that was created as part of my embodied intuitive movement and art practice. Step into your body, connect to your breath, open your heart and let me guide you to witness an intuitive message that is waiting to guide you into your truth! Enjoy!


Let me know what came up for you?

What message did you...

Jun 15, 2022

Is your mind's idea of "the truth," The Truth of your Heart?

So many times we feel sad, confused, and stuck because we are watching ourselves and our lives from the place of our "egos," our identity, and everything that we think we are...

In this episode, I invite you to contemplate what you can only Recognize inside of...

Jun 8, 2022

How would it feel to enter a safe, loving, and healing space to reclaim your voice, body, and desire for union, and belonging with integrity?


This is why womb awakening is your most sacred, and creative healing journey back to Your truth, Back to your Source.

Back home.

Join me to contemplate, and discover why tapping...

Jun 1, 2022

What would it feel like to liberate yourself from your old pain, and to heal by hearing and surrendering to your soul?


Let's lean into it through this amazing conversation with a woman that embodies truth, service, and feminine wisdom.

Today I get to interview my good friend and incredible coach and leader, Jen...