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Being Brave with Sasha Lipskaia

Nov 4, 2022

Hello beautiful soul! (Scroll below to download your free worksheet and journaling guidance to integrate and implement this practice!) This is a simple, loving, powerful embodiment practice I call my "Compassionate Self-Discovery and Revelation" method to help you connect to your heart and re-discover your intuitive self's guidance by rewiring your nervous system and receiving clarity and support from something that is beyond your mind, fears, and ego-conditioning!

Meet your truth.

Get your free self-discovery worksheet below to help you get the most out of this exercise by taking note of the intuitive guidance you received. 

Click here to download.

Keep doing this practice on your own to integrate, and keep practicing meeting yourself fully and getting clarity on what you are called to do.

Make sure to set up your practice with awareness and have at least 10 minutes available to you for the first few times you do this, as you will learn to adapt and adjust the questions that feel most important for your specific life situation and goal. Let me know what came up for you! If you want me to create a practice specific to your current challenge, comment below or email me (Sasha@! I recommend doing this first thing in the morning and following it with a journaling session o write down and capture your insights.

This is a practice I recommend you do every day, and if you find yourself in a time of crisis or deep confusion, or overwhelm, maybe even twice a day. It involves mindful, kind, inner contemplation and inquiry into yourself, with an embodied meditation resulting in a direct experience of yourself as a confident, whole, loved, worthy, powerful, and guided human being with a unique purpose to fulfill.


Feel aligned with your higher purpose and integrity and empowered to take a concrete step towards your most important goal right now.

By creating time to explore the process of discovering yourself, you will witness your shadows while discovering the gifts and guidance held inside your heart.


Everything in your experience can and will serve your vision and your desires, so long as you know how to work with your inner technology, a.k.a your embodied intuition and your mindset, marrying them through a daily commitment to "Spiritual Gym."

Are you ready to meet yourself as you never have? Discover Your True Self: Your intuitive Self, Your soul's voice, Your Higher Guidance, Your inner captain. Let's play. Ready to go deeper, heal, and transform?


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