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Being Brave with Sasha Lipskaia

Feb 3, 2023

This conversation with the inspiring leader, CEO, high-level entrepreneur, mother and wife, and incredible brand strategist to light workers Fabi Paolini will leave you with many gifts!

We go into her story of choosing to succeed and thrive through turning her life over in the US, reinventing herself as a mother and...

Jan 28, 2023

Hello beautiful soul! It is such a pleasure to walk into this contemplation - Are you ready to really surrender and receive what you desire- provided it is coming from your heart, not your ego0mind? How can you enhance your capacity to attract, and HOLD, what you know you are worth? You are worthy because you are.


Jan 6, 2023

Hello beautiful soul!

May this year be a year of Blessings for you. Yes. 2023. We are here.


Happy New Year!!!

This year starts with an intuitive leadership, yoga, and sacred union mystery school initiation with me:

*** Join me in Paradise to find your purpose for an intensive intuitive healing, sacred union, and...

Dec 9, 2022

Hello beautiful soul! How are you fueling your creativity?

Are you in touch with it?

Do you make it a priority?

You are a divine creator. That is your birthright.

Creativity is your primal need- it rides on your capacity to hear your intuition and discern it from your brain.

You are either creating or destroying.


Dec 3, 2022

This conversation matters. Your choice to discover your purpose, power, and essence matters. What does being a sacred warrior for Love mean for you? How are you protecting your innocence, your gifts: This is a call to honor and use the power of your light.

Now. It is real. How are you feeding it? What nurtures...