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Being Brave with Sasha Lipskaia

Jun 15, 2022

Is your mind's idea of "the truth," The Truth of your Heart?

So many times we feel sad, confused, and stuck because we are watching ourselves and our lives from the place of our "egos," our identity, and everything that we think we are...

In this episode, I invite you to contemplate what you can only Recognize inside of your heart, as the truth. Being in Your truth is simple.

It is about knowing what you are.

Then, taking responsibility for living and acting from that place, while enjoying all of the ways in which you get to experience, and express your many roles in the world.

Your heart's truth is the one thing that determines how you feel about the life you are choosing to live, long-term.

Do you want clarity on what you are, and the freedom to Be that? The way forward is simple.

Let's get to your physical, embodied truth- right now.

You are not your identity.

And your truth is something that can only be recognized when you are embodying your essence- connected to what you are experiencing from the heart, not from your mind, and your stories about your life.

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