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Being Brave with Sasha Lipskaia

Jun 29, 2022

Do you feel disconnected from joy?

A joy that does not depend on anyone else or anything you need to achieve or get?

This is your invitation to discover your capacity for peace, freedom, trust in your intuition, and confidence by allowing yourself to appreciate who you really are, beyond any life circumstance. Join me to contemplate what true, embodied Joy means for you, and how to bring more of it into your body, your relationships, and your work. What brings you true joy?

What is holding you back from feeling safe to trust your joy?

Let me know what comes up for you.

You Are Joy.

Trust that it is your birthright to feel free and safe to be In the joy of Your true Self.

With it, you will evoke peace, trust, and embodied self-love for the essence of what you really are!



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