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Being Brave with Sasha Lipskaia

Dec 3, 2022

This conversation matters. Your choice to discover your purpose, power, and essence matters. What does being a sacred warrior for Love mean for you? How are you protecting your innocence, your gifts: This is a call to honor and use the power of your light.

Now. It is real. How are you feeding it? What nurtures your devotion to serving something greater than you? In that, you WILL nurture your own heart and feel whole. because that is who you are. Whole, worthy, powerful, and here to create a life that means something.

So, what is your sacred warrior asking of you right now?


What matters to you most?

This is your work. Let's do the work. It is time we stepped into action and embodied our calling: it is not about ego, it is not bout being special, and it is not about getting something from this world. What will you live for? What will you die for?

What is your purpose right now?

Your life is about knowing your worth, embodying the wealth already in your life, inside you, and letting Grace that guide you as an active participant in the story you tell in everything you do.

So let us step UP together. Hear the voice of your heart, and Live the truth.

This world is crumbling, asking you to do the work and recognize your purpose.

Will you?

Become the healing energy you seek.

Live the truth. Let's play. Ready to go deeper, heal, and transform? *** Join me in Paradise to find your purpose for an intensive intuitive healing, sacred union, and yoga retreat to clarify your true purpose, activate your potential, embody your intuitive wisdom, and integrate your shadows in my 5-day intuitive healing and self-awakening and sacred yoga retreat in the Caribbean coast of Colombia in February 2023: --------------------- Find your heart's peace: Get your free heart-opening meditations at Comment below: What is your soul telling you about your purpose right now?