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Being Brave with Sasha Lipskaia

Apr 15, 2022

Do you know how to love Your Self?
Your true self?
How do you feel about Self Love?
A more important question is: How are you Being the expression of your love for yourself?
True Self Love is beyond loving your body, your sensuality, pampering yourself, or "feeling good." It's WHAT you are. Love. Self-full love.
Do you feel like self-love is an abstract concept that feels complicated, superficial, out of reach for your idea of what you are worth, or selfish? Let's move From Selfish to Self-full. Join me for a live practice of reclaiming your sovereignty and budding a healthy, and empowered relationship with Your True Self. beyond self-care, and self-improvement, or optimizing yourself. Let's break the "rules" of what self-love means in our culture, and make it accessible, critical, real, and simple. Just in time for the Ful Moon, let's connect your heart, your body, and your soul's purpose to a practical experience of what it really means to Love YourSelf. What if you could feel loved, and fulfilled just as you are?



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