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Being Brave with Sasha Lipskaia

Aug 17, 2022

In today's contemplation, I walk you into owning your resistance to whatever you are currently facing in your life and guide you to reveal the higher purpose and invitation to use it as a tool to feel the power, aligned to your heart and determined to fulfill your destiny.

I also share a simple example from my current experience traveling in Colombia of how I am facing my resistance to being more loving and embodying more of my power by withholding my gifts.

The magic is in the mundane, and every little thing in your experience is a gift to be revealed as a step to becoming a more authentic and purposeful expression of your purpose in this lifetime!

Let me know what challenge you are facing and if this practice of questioning its deeper meaning might help you transcend it, embody more of who you truly are, and release your fear and anxiety about whatever your mind is distracting you with! Comment below: How will you choose to respond to your biggest challenge from a place of radiant and radical SelfFull Love today?

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It means the world.

I love you! Today, meet and love yourself as you never have. Remember, You Are Loved