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Being Brave with Sasha Lipskaia

Jun 6, 2021

If you are anything like me or the people I work with, you may have been attached to trying to make your work feel, or "look" perfect.

And that would 

As Elizabeth Gilbert says: "Perfection is fear in high heels."

Get my tips on how to overcome perfectionism, especially in your work, and trust your expression to fulfill you, by focusing on what really matters to a life of meaning, and purpose.

Welcome to Being Brave!

Join me on a weekly journey through transmissions, meditations, and interviews about the meaning of life, embodied healing, womb healing, intuition, spiritual leadership, and finding your purpose through discovering, embracing, and loving your whole, true Self.

This show is for the wild, intuitive soul ready to claim her worth, heal her womb, and birth your own version of prosperity, to embody your purpose. 

Do you want to find purpose and clarity in your next chapter as a powerful, love-filled, confident being?


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Are you ready to feel worthy?

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Be brave, I believe in you. 

What do you desire to create?

What does your heart want?

Let me know what came up for you.

Sasha Lipskaia, ICF, ACC, M.A.
Intuitive embodiment coach, artist, sacred womb healer, spiritual teacher, mystic, artist.