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Being Brave with Sasha Lipskaia

Apr 22, 2022

Whether you follow the phases of the moon or not, you know that you are sensitive to the energies of the universe and the cosmos.

Have you been feeling a little restless, or tired of trying to "figure life out?"

In this podcast episode, I invite you to let go, surrender to your inner guidance, and experience the presence of your True Self inside of your skin.

Oftentimes, when you disregard what your body and nervous system need, and ignore the intuitive pull to connect to your heart, you could instead feel scared, tired, or anxious for no apparent reason.

This live meditation and intuitive transmission can be used any time you feel disconnected from your heart, or disembodied, and need to find your power and your inner guidance.

It is a way for you to tap into your intuitive voice and activate your sacred knowing, and Higher Truth to hold you, and lead you in the direction of what will serve your highest good. That is Self Love in the flesh.


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